Antiques On The Green


Molly's Tea Room.

To intertwine nicely with our Antique shop, we opened Molly's Tea Room in February this year so customers new and old could enjoy an array of different beverages, some of these include: Americano, Ristretto, Cappuccino and a variation of tea. We also serve a mixture of fresh, home made deserts, some of which include scones (served with Jam and Clotted Cream) Lemon cake and Chocolate cake (savoury items also available, served hot or cold)

‘Antiques’ may be the name above the door, but our main business is ‘Restoration’- Like any furniture, antique furniture requires various restorations to keep its value, and of course, our aim is to giving joy to people who adore classic yet eye-catching furniture. Owning elegant furniture is everybody’s aim. We hope to give the furniture new life and beauty whilst also preserving the value of the furniture.

We are also specialists in ‘deceased estate clearances’. This can be a stressful matter for family members to deal with; it is therefore our policy that a partner has total involvement with all aspects of the deceased estate clearance.  Do as much or as little as you WANT  us to do to. We can remove everything (including clothing and personal items) if that makes the less onerous for you. Call us in early and let our experience advise you, especially about the legal aspects of valuing and disposing of items.  Our aim is to make the whole process as stress free as possible. Alternatively, ask your Solicitor or Trustee to us for a confidential quote.